Customize Your iPhone XS Max With Beautiful Phone Skins

Customize Your iPhone XS Max With Beautiful Phone Skins

September 25, 2018

For people who are huge fans of beautiful visual design, who also wish to have a semblance of uniqueness with their devices, they’re in somewhat of a precarious situation. If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that iPhones are downright beautiful, and the new iPhone XS Max is no exception to that. However, buying a case for them hides their gorgeous design, and leaving them naked leaves them susceptible to damage, and also leaves you limited to the same old white, black, and gold that are commonplace in iPhone designs.

What to do?

Phone skins are your answer. Phone skins preserve the inspired design of the iPhone, allowing the chassis to be unhindered by a bulky case, but they add some style and flair to the back panel and bezel. Tired of white, gold, and black? You can spice up your iPhone with a form-fitting skin that will make it look like it shipped out of the box with the new design you used.

The Differences Between Phone Skins and Cases

A lot of people wonder what the differences between skins and cases are, especially those people whose main motivator for buying a case is the visual aspect rather than the protection.

A case, first and foremost, is designed for protection. Cases come in many forms, from thin silicone sleeves to bulky plastic boxes that could survive a fall from the Empire State Building. Protection is the main priority, and since that usually involves adding an extra layer of padding and shock resistance, you lose the core design of the phone when you apply one.

Phone skins, on the other hand, have design as the main priority. Skins are for people who want their phone to look and feel like a dream. Unlike cases, skins don’t change the form of your phone, so it’ll be just as thin and smooth as ever.

Skins don’t protect your phone like cases can, but they do afford some degree of protection. The skin acts as a thin suit of armor that can prevent scratches and dents to the phone, and combined with a screen protector, can do a pretty good job of preventing your phone from breaking.

Phone Skins Look Like the Real Deal

The best part about phone skins is, unlike cases, a well-applied skin fits the phone’s body at a 1:1 level, often making it indistinguishable from a brand new product. No matter what phone case you use, it’s going to be obvious that the phone is in a case. But if you slap a skin on that new iPhone of yours, people who don’t know any better might be fooled into thinking that’s how it came in the box.

That’s how precise our skins are, and we’re happy to provide some of the most form-fitting skins on the market.

So, what skin will you choose? Will you add a faux leather texture to your back panel with one of your unique textured skins? Will you go with our beautiful marble designs, which bring a bold multi-colored flair to your new iPhone XS Max? Or will you design your own skin from scratch, using our innovative skin creator, which allows you to put literally anything you want on your phone skin?




Whatever your choice is, we know that we have something for you at JW Skinz. With so many other people lining up to buy a new iPhone XS Max, you’ll want to stand out. There’s no better way to do that than by preordering an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max phone skin today!