Phone Skins That Harmonize With the Many Colors of the iPhone XR

Phone Skins That Harmonize With the Many Colors of the iPhone XR

September 18, 2018

For people who have been wanting a little more visual diversity with their iPhones, the iPhone XR is a revelation. Apple seems to go back and forth between embracing colorful variety in their phones and sticking to the sleek whites and blacks. With the new iPhone XR, they’re going with the former, offering six different color options — white, black, cyan, orange, yellow, and red.

You might be wondering why we’re so excited about this at JW Skinz, given that we sell products that cover up a phone’s natural color entirely. The answer is simple — these new phones have colored midframes, which can be paired with phone skins to create a cohesive colorful theme!

What is a Midframe?

The midframe, in a nutshell, is the metal border that makes up the phone’s sides. Our phone skins cover up the majority of your phone with 1:1 fidelity, but the midframe is one of the few areas that goes untouched. The midframe, or chassis, sits between the back panel and the screen, and is most newer models, is made of metal which is typically a shiny silver or a muted black.

It is logistically difficult to make skins that perfectly cover the midframe, so it’s one of the only areas we leave bare. This usually means you have a metal divider between the skin design that’s on the front and back of your phone, but with the colorful midframes on the iPhone XR models, you have the opportunity to choose skins that work in harmony with the phone’s natural tone!

Creating Harmony Between the Phone Skin and Colored Midframe

You have several options to choose skins that harmonize with your iPhone XR midframe. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Black: Carbon Fiber Skin

The dark carbon fiber will be a perfect match with the black midframe. With the two working together and the textured nature of this skin, it will look like the phone shipped naturally with carbon fiber.

Cyan: Sparkle Skin

This blue sparkle skin matches well with the cyan tone of the new iPhone XR’s midframe, which will create an organic look that makes your skin blend in seamlessly with your phone. It will look so convincing, people will be sure to ask you, “When did Apple start releasing sparkly phones?”

Red or Yellow: Marble

Our marble line is perfect for those who have a red or yellow skin. Many of our marble skins, such as the one in the picture below, are filled with warm hues, reds, and yellows galore. You can bet it’s going to look beautiful with your colored iPhone XR midframe.

Shop Beautiful iPhone XR Skins Today

The addition of colored frames might not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised to see how well they can synergize with a well-chosen phone skin. Choosing complimentary colors between your iPhone XR and its respective skin can create a new look for your phone that makes it look like it shipped that way brand new. This isn’t always true for phone skins, as the silver midframe is sometimes a giveaway. Want a new iPhone that truly has a unique design that looks completely authentic? Browse our selection of iPhone XR skins, now available for pre-order, along with skins for the iPhone XS and XS Max!