Phone Skins vs Phone Cases - An Objective Comparison

Phone Skins vs Phone Cases - An Objective Comparison

July 27, 2018

One of the biggest paradoxes about modern smartphones is the situation with phone cases. Every year we see new cutting-edge phones that push the boundaries of technological design and functionality. However, one aspect that invariably draws attention to these phones year after year is their incredible design. People are attracted to beautiful phones, and you can’t deny that it just feels nice when you’re holding a brand new version of the latest iPhone, or running your fingers over the slick and smooth curved glass edges of recent Galaxy models

The paradox, then, is that we flock to these smartphones for their unparalleled design, and before we know it, we’ve slapped thick cases on them that hides their beauty.

That’s why phone skins are a popular option for many people — phone skins add virtually no volume to a smartphone — they adhere to the phone and wrap around its design in a way that’s, well, skin-tight, and the end result preserves the beautiful design aesthetic of the phone, while providing the same kind of visual flair that many cases add.

So the big question is this — which is better for you, a phone skin or a phone case? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both options, and give an objective opinion on which might be better for your situation. While designing sleek phone skins is what we do at JW Skinz, we won’t lie and tell you that skins are unilaterally better. Both options have their pros and cons, and one might be better than the other depending on how you use your phone.

If Aesthetics Are Important to You

Advantage: Phone Skins

If design aesthetic is important for you, it’s hard to argue in favor of cases over skins. Cases are bulky by nature most of the time, and they cover up the beautiful design of the phone almost entirely in the overwhelming majority of cases. We’re not going to say that there aren’t pretty phone cases — in fact, many good designers have shown that creating beautiful cases is an art unto itself.

However, in a day where the design of our technology has become so slick and sleek, it’s hard to argue that any kind of case is more visually appealing than the naked phone.

With phone skins, you preserve the original design of the smartphone but you can add any kind of flair you want. A well-designed phone skin can be visually striking in the best ways, and can even elevate its appearance to greater heights. A phone skin that has been applied correctly can often be mistaken for being designed that way out of the box, and a lot of people enjoy having a piece of tech that looks like it was professionally designed while having a look that’s completely unique to their device.

A lot of people prefer practicality over aesthetics, most likely the majority, but there are people out there who are suckers for clean design — ourselves included. You know who you are, and if you want to have a beautiful smartphone, you’ll probably be happier with a phone skin in the long run.

If You Want Protection

Advantage: Phone Cases

This point should be an obvious one — if protection is your highest priority, a solid phone case is going to be your best bet. Phone cases are reliable in protecting your phone against the biggest smartphone killer, which is fall damage. Sure, scratches and markings aren’t pleasant, but most people, at the end of the day, are worried about cracks. Phone skins will protect your phone against the former, but are much less effective in preventing the latter. Even if a phone doesn’t land on its screen, a phone case will provide shock absorption that reduces the overall impact.

That’s not to say that phone skins can’t protect your phone. At JW Skinz, we have different materials and textures to choose from, and some options, such as our carbon fiber lines, offer superior protection against scratches and dents, as well as providing more grip to the phone, which ultimately helps it to not slip out of people’s hands.

If You Have a Reliable Insurance Plan

Advantage: Phone Skins

One important thing to remember is that, nowadays, if you’re spending a lot of money on a high-end phone, you’ve likely got some kind of replacement plan in store for it. There are proprietary protection options such as Apple Care, and then there are plans that are offered depending on which retailer you purchase from, such as SquareTrade. And, of course, many network providers such as Verizon and AT&T offer warranty services that are paid for on a monthly basis.

For many people, the promise of being able to easily replace a phone (deductible notwithstanding) is a solid enough justification for opting for a phone skin instead of the more solid protection of a case. This, again, mostly just comes down to whether you’re a sucker for aesthetics or not, but it can ultimately be an important factor that contributes to your final decision.

If You Want Increased Functionality

Advantage: Phone Cases

One undeniable advantage of phone cases is that they often add new layers of functionality that do not come included with your phone. There are endless varieties of creative cases that add quality-of-life features to your device. Some cases offer kickstands for improved multimedia viewing, while many others have become permanent wallets for their users, having slots for cards and cash, sometimes in a folding folio style. Other cases have knick-knacks that improve the camera functionality in some way or another, while some come packing with improved batteries.

The truth is, phone cases offer a lot of unique features that skins don’t, so if it’s a dealbreaker that you can’t have a phone-wallet combo, skins probably aren’t for you.

If Form Factor is Important

Advantage: Phone Skins

One unavoidable aspect of cases is the mass that they add to your phone. Modern smartphones are designed to be slim, thin, and easily pocketable. Many phones lose these qualities entirely when they’re housed within brick-like masses that immensely fatten their shape.

When you get a phone skin, you get some of the qualities of a phone case (protection and aesthetics) while maintaining its original form factor.

This is a boon to many men, who prefer to carry their phones in their pockets. Unfortunately, women are fighting a losing battle when it comes to reasonably-sized pockets, resulting in many to resort to purses instead. But if you fall into the pocket camp, you’ll probably prefer a thinner phone no matter who you are.

Why Not Both?

We haven’t addressed the best option yet — why not both? It is, in fact, possible to enjoy some of the benefits of both skins and cases in one package, and that’s why we sell skins for existing cases! If you can’t compromise on the protection that a case offers, but you still want a sweet custom phone skin design, feel free to browse our case-compatible skins and see if your model is represented. In the meantime, we also invite you to check out our other phone skins and see if there’s something that catches your eye. Even if you’re on team phone case, you might just find something too irresistible to pass up. The only way to know is to browse our online store!