If you own an iPhone 6 / 6S LifeProof case and looking for a way to customize your own case, then you've found it! Give your LifeProof FRE case a personalized skin or choose from our large selection of designs!
●  Customize the entire look of your Lifeproof Phone Case to fit your personality
●  High quality 3m and Arlon materials so it won't leave sticky residue
● Protects your Lifeproof FRE from scratching and other elements
Tired of looking at the same LifeProof FRE case as everyone else in the world?  With a unique and stylish skin from JW Skinz, you will love the look of you're LifeProof FRE Case. Our LifeProof iPhone 6 6S skins and wraps are made with durable 3M and Arlon materials and come in a range of designs, from Carbon Fiber to Customizing your own photo or design. Browse through our phone case skins today!
●  Price: $8.99
●  So many designs to choose
●  Designed for LifeProof FRE iPhone 6 and 6S