If you own a LifeProof case and looking for a way to customize your own case, then you've found it! Give your LifeProof FRE case a personalized skin or choose from our large selection of designs!
●  Customize the entire look of your Lifeproof Phone Case to fit your personality
●  High quality 3m and Arlon materials so it won't leave sticky residue
● Protects your Lifeproof FRE from scratching and other elements
Tired of looking at the same LifeProof FRE case as everyone else in the world?  With a unique and stylish skin from JW Skinz, you will love the look of you're LifeProof FRE Case. Our Lifeproof skins and wraps are made with durable 3M and Arlon materials and come in a range of designs, from Carbon Fiber to Customizing your own photo or design. Browse through our phone case skins today!
●  Price: $8.99
●  So many designs to choose
●  Designed for LifeProof FRE