Motorola P30 Phone Skins Stabilized Wood (Pre-Order)

Motorola P30 Phone Skins Stabilized Wood (Pre-Order)

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Upgrade your Motorola P30 with a decorative Stabilized Wood phone skin that will protect and stylize!

  • Adds additional grip

  • Shows your personality

  • Protects your Motorola P30 without leaving residue behind.

  • If you are looking for a unique way to add style to your Motorola P30, look no further! Our P30 phone skins come in a wide range of colors and designs, and are made with top-quality 3M materials that protects your phone from scratches. Some of our most popular designs include Carbon Fiber, Marble, Abstract and Stabilized Wood. If you want to customize your own Motorola P30 skin, send in your favorite photo and we’ll turn it into a one of a kind skin that will be with you wherever you go. Order yours online at JW Skinz today!

  •  Price: $9.98

  •  Available designs: 7 decorative Stabilized Wood variations to choose from.

  • Designed for Motorola P30

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