XBox One Controller Marble Collection

XBox One Controller Marble Collection

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If you’re a gamer and are looking for a fun way to set your Xbox One controller apart from your friends’, give it a stylish Marble skin!

  • Sleek design that is smooth to the touch
  • Light and slim for easy handling that won’t slow down your gaming speed
  • Made with top-quality 3M material that is made to last and provides exterior protection
  • Available in several different designs that will bring out your style and distinguish you from other gamers

Tired of playing video games with your friends and getting your controllers mixed up? With an Xbox One controller skin from JW Skinz, you will never wonder which controller is yours, as it will stand out from the rest and display your own unique style. Our Xbox One controller Marble skins are made with durable 3M material and come in 12 different designs:  Browse through our Xbox One controller Marble skins today!

  • Price: $9.98
  • Choose from our large selection of Marble skins
  • One Size: Fits Xbox One controllers

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